04 December 2023

Tips for a Healthier Holiday

This time of year can cause lots of stress on the body either due to too much alcohol and unhealthy... Read More

Alicia Harris

30 May 2020

Winter Recipe

It's slow cook time!This season, I pick the slow cook as it can be jam-packed with vitamins, minerals and protein.... Read More

Alicia Harris

20 April 2020

COVID-19 Updates

COVID-19 updates By now the media has inundated you with so much information and updates about the coronavirus aka Sars-2,... Read More

Alicia Harris

17 December 2019

Dietary Advice

Food is our fuel, what we put into our bodies will greatly reflect our health and sense of well-being. I... Read More

Alicia Harris

19 November 2019

Alicia's Tea for no more colds and flu

This tea contains ingredients needed to kill bacteria and viruses in the body which cause colds and flu. The flavour... Read More

Alicia Harris

31 July 2015

Winter tricks to strengthen your immunity

You may have experienced a head cold or flu this winter as it has been quite cold in Coogee. It... Read More

Alicia Harris

09 November 2014

A smile

A smile – can it impact moods? According to a study in sydney nursing homes, participants were involved in humor... Read More

Alicia Harris

06 November 2014

Bisphenol A, Bisphenol S: Should we be avoiding them?

These days most people are familiar with the term ‘BPA’. Parents are purchasing ‘BPA free’ bottles for their babies and... Read More

Alicia Harris

06 November 2014

Benefits of Lemon and Water

I always recommend lemon with water to my patients in Coogee. I have recently read and article from Body +... Read More

Alicia Harris