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Facilitate the healing of any number of health complaints, including chronic conditions.

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As the old saying goes ‘we are what we eat’. Our body processes need vitamins and minerals to function.

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Herbal Medicine

Through the use of herbal medicine, a profound transformation in your health can be achieved.

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The NAT treatment helps the body to normalise so sensitivity to allergens are lessened. This is useful, effective for people suffering from allergies.

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Tips for a Healthier Holiday

This time of year can cause lots of stress on the body either due to too much alcohol and unhealthy...

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Winter Recipe

It's slow cook time!This season, I pick the slow cook as it can be jam-packed with vitamins, minerals and protein....

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COVID-19 Updates

COVID-19 updates By now the media has inundated you with so much information and updates about the coronavirus aka Sars-2,...

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What to expect at a consult

As a highly qualified Naturopath, Alicia adheres to a model of health that addresses the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of each patient. Your needs and abilities are considered in a supportive, caring manner and your health improves without strain.

Pathology analysis

Diagnostic tests are performed as needed, to gain an insight into the state of your health.

Diet, mind, lifestyle analysis

As part of a holistic approach, your diet, mind and lifestyle are taken into consideration when treatment plans are formulated.

Treatment and dietary plan

Alicia's knowledge of Nutritional Medicine will see a tailored dietary plan devised in order to maximise your treatment success.

Lifestyle and supplement recommendation

Sound lifestyle advice and targetted supplement recommendation form an integral part of each and every consultation.


"I was battling with an anxiety disorder and tried medications but they always had big side effects which caused me to feel hopeless. A friend told me about Alicia and I feel like she has changed my life. A week after seeing her, I noticed I wasn't as anxious, my sleep and energy had improved and I felt enthusiastic about upcoming events. I never felt so 'normal' in my life. If you are suffering don't hesitate, call Alicia and book in! In good health."

Jo B.

"Thank you, Alicia, for helping me, a 46-year-old woman to have a healthy baby."

Mel L.

"Alicia, please cancel John's 5th appointment as he has not needed any medication for his asthma since his first visit with you!! Thank you so much for relieving him (and me)."

Sandra M.